Why Choose GECC


Our ‘Go Green’ approach is and will continue to be an ongoing task. Out of many we are one company that are committing 100% focus to ensuring our operations are sustainable – not just in name but in every functional way. We also believe doing business can be enjoyable and tremendously gratifying when ‘Doing Good’ becomes the leading force and goal. By ‘Doing Good’ we mean not just successfully growing the company through providing fair ethical and sustainable practices but by providing our services with a sincere mission – to meet and exceed the expectations of ‘You’ the customer in a very transparent way that begets a favorable applaud.

Log on to: (http://greenenvironmentcleaningcorp.com/testimonials/). Our inspiration and commitment to ‘Doing Good’ supports and work hand in hand with our eco-efforts and overall message that we share with all our customers and those we touch along the way – that we are not only grateful you chose ‘Us’ to provide your residential cleaning needs but by employing Green Environment Cleaning corp. you are in fact participating in world wide efforts (starting with your home) in making smart choices for the betterment of your family. We initially may be strangers by name but our interests are very similar indeed: safe guarding our environment, protecting our global village and preserving our planet one choice at a time. Thank you for contributing in creating a better world.

Call today for a free no obligation consultation at: 347-832-1740 or copy and paste and put into your email browser: and request a sample of our unique services.

Shay Laylor
Asst. Manager

Green Environment cleaning services are offered in the following locations:

Manhattan, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Queens, New York
Long Island, New York