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WS APT BLDGIn the community of Park Slope, Cobble Hill Prospect Heights and Brooklyn Heights there are a variety of apartment homes. Some buildings are as tall as 10 stories and can command over 150 apartments or more while others can be a mere 4 story walk-up with less than 25 apartments. Typically they are built by brick and many have been designated pre-war (notably referring to construction being completed after the Second World War but before 1940). Many of these buildings were built as early as 1900. FACT: In pre-war buildings the bedrooms tend to be larger in size (in comparison to brownstone apartments). Many that were kept up well were eventually converted to coops and condos. Regarding rentals or sublets rents are typically higher due to larger bedrooms, spacious layouts and convenience of an elevator and regular upkeep of maintenance. Getting into one of these apartments can be a task in itself – good luck – the demand is high. GECC: As a professional residential cleaning company understanding the nature of your dwelling gives you and our company a unanimous advantage. For one thing cleaning agents are notified in advance what type of apartment they are going to, what supplies to bring to ensure the service is thorough and the expected time of completion. In many cases most buildings have cut-off times for servicing companies to vacate the premises. We are well aware. We make it our business to know in advance so building regulations are met. Its refreshing to know there’s a cleaning company who have taken a proactive approach in understanding its market place thus our customers concerns to ensure its a pleasant experience the first time around – afterall there are no second impressions – wouldn’t you agree! Inquire about our services today. Copy and paste and put into your email browser to send us an email at: Back To Top


Post construction cleaning has to be the most challenging of all cleanings. And how do we know – we are routinely hired by renovation companies, private clients and referrals throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan to perform our expertise for the removal and cleaning of post construction dust, residue and particles derived from new construction. If done correctly this time sensitive process can be done in a very efficient manner. If done incorrectly due to inexperience precious time will be lost. Green Environment Cleaning Corp has a Post Construction division you can count on. We perform quality control procedures after every project is complete to ensure the end result is in ‘Best of Show’ condition. Why gamble the end result when you can get the job done correctly the first time around. Inquire about our services today. Copy and paste and put into your email browser to send us an email at: Back To Top


TOWNHSEOver 40% of our growing customer base resides in a Brownstone whether it be Manhattan or Brooklyn. I have an affinity for Brownstones and that’s where they are in abundance. The quality of life and beautiful people that embodies these historic locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan are utterly amazing. But nothing so beautiful will come without price. Many of the rental apartments we clean come with older bathrooms and older shower tiles older cupboards and sinks. Often fixtures in kitchens and baths throughout have not been updated, many counter-tops and cupboard surfaces have become discolored and worn over time some fragile to the touch. Hardwood floors are usually the most attractive factor coupled with large baseboards however they can collect enormous dust including window sills that attract dirt so bad as if they were designed with that purpose. SOLUTION:As a company standard we routinely request to preview the premises before performing our services. Truth be told this simple yet effective principal is one of our hidden success attributes greatly responsible for our growing list of satisfied customers. When cleaning companies omit this one aspect (requesting a walk through prior to cleaning) beware, their probably competing by price rather than focusing on the quality of the clean. Next a no obligation appointment is immediately scheduled and a field rep is dispatched to your home to visualize the areas that concerns you most offering professional suggestions as to what can or cannot not be done based on our cleaning experiences in similar conditions. This single most effective proactive approach has served us well in reaching our cleaning goal – to ensure all things are done reflecting the better interest of our customers! Inquire about our services today. Copy and paste and put into your email browser to send us an email at: Back To Top


WS LOFTWe at Green Environment Cleaning Corp have been very fortunate to experience the many different variations of luxury living in Brooklyn as well as in Manhattan. Loft apartment living for example has increasingly become very popular and quite common among young professionals, successful entrepreneurs as well as artists of all kind. We have and continue to provide ongoing cleaning services for residences in Dumbo, Willamsburg, Red Hook Tri-beca and Soho. We’ve done apartments and home offices as small as 500 sq ft to as large as 7,000+ sq ft. We’d like to think that loft living (cleaning needs) is very similar to a typical apartment cleaning. Usually the subtle difference is providing more agents with additional supplies, having them responsibly equipped with professional cleaning equipment like a step ladder along with a back pak vacuums with extendable reach to successfully target over-sized window sills brick walls remote custom blinds vast wood floors and baseboards all needing its rightful attention. Then there are multiple high ceiling fans that can get enormous buildup of air dust. It’s safe to say we make sure our distinct cleaning reputation isn’t compromised due to inadequate supplies. Were prepared to successfully get the job done! Inquire about our services today. Copy and paste and put into your email browser to send us an email at: Back To Top


WS DUPLEX TRILuxury living continues to be at an all-time high. Lots of newly constructed apartments or even town houses can boasts 2 and 3 floor living space often commanding as much as 3500 sq ft if not more. When you’re ready to do a deep clean from corner to corner of floors, surfaces, custom or mahogany wood moldings throughout you need a company that’s all too familiar with the space and characteristics of multiple floor living. It must be done with efficiency and professionalism especially if family occupants are present during the cleaning process. There’s one company you can depend on and that’s Green Environment Cleaning Corp. Our agents don selective colored company shirts, name tags, quite cordial and confident that the end result will be nothing less than spectacular! Inquire about our services today. Copy and paste and put into your email browser to send us an email at: Back To Top


WS COOP CONDOIn the last decade coops and condominiums especially in Brooklyn has become a very vibrant force for developers both seasoned and new. It’s also been a highly requested choice for trendy real estate buyers making coop and condo purchases the IT factor for luxury living. Many residential developers have chosen Brooklyn as there designated choice of location and with good reason – not to mention the fact that 70% of these developers themselves live in Kings County. Nevertheless Brooklyn is slowly becoming awash with these mini hotel style residences equipped with amenities to die for. You can see them ever-present in Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Red Hook, Williamsburg and downtown Brooklyn to name a few locations. From concierge services to built in garages to key cards used to open entrance doors it’s safe to say the luxury coop and condo boom is taking its rightful place in Brooklyn with vigor. GECC: As an eco-friendly cleaning company with a strong reputation for distinct non-toxic residential cleaning we have been fortunate to receive an influx of referral customers who reside in these beautiful luxury homes. Handsomely equipped with high-end amenities such as marble countertops, stone bath walls, glass enclosed showers and sometimes rare Belgium wood floors we have become adept at choosing the right solutions to professionally cater to these surfaces with delicacy and proper care. No reputation for providing great customer service with ‘Best of Show’ results can be bought. It has to be earned. See our Yelp Reviews to see what our customers are saying. Inquire about our services today. Copy and paste and put into your email browser to send us an email at: Back To Top


WS GalleryAreas like Williamsburg Red Hook and Dumbo are known areas that have a concentrated growing population of musicians, gallery owners,, digital video technicians, television production personnel and graphic artist alike. Notably within the last 15 years many of the larger properties that governed these locations (once refineries, factories and warehouses have since been converted to residences, music and photography studios, production studios and the like. GECC: As a professional cleaning company with a growing reputation for providing a great service we’ve been slowly accepting customers in just about every category where cleaning services is in demand. Carefully analyzing the problems that are ever-present with lots of cleaning companies we want to bring added reassurance that we are mindful of the 3 most important areas of concern: dependability reliability and performance. We perform periodic quality control audits of the agent and periodically consult with studio managers to ensure agent is operating within the guidelines of our agreement. That’s the level of professionalism we offer. That’s the professionalism your gonna get! Inquire about our services today. Copy and paste and put into your email browser to send us an email at: Back To Top