Testimonial Stories

“I was skeptical but ended up impressed.  I’m not a fanatical “green” person – I do appreciate it but all my personal cleaning supplies are the standard kinds and I wasn’t willing to pay through the nose just for “green.”   We’ve also had house cleaners before: independent “cleaning ladies” recommended by friends. I thought their cleanings were pretty good (at least as good as I could do myself when I had the time) until I had Jack and team clean our place. We have a small 2-br apartment with a toddler and two cats. Am also 7 mo pregnant and since it’s getting hard to bend over for long periods I decided it was time for was time to hire someone again and since I really wanted a “deep clean” to start, I thought I’d try a service. Then I’d decide about whether to hire them on a regular basis or go back to a cleaning lady. First, Jack showed up THE DAY I called to walk through our apt, explain his services and provide an estimate. He was also able to fit me in the next day for our cleaning.  But I was still skeptical. I am no longer a skeptic. As just one example, without me having to ask, they pulled out all the storage boxes under our bed and cleaned under there (that’s two years worth of cat hair!). They did the same throughout our apartment. We have NO HAIR anywhere: corners, behind toy bins, at the base of closets, behind the courch, etc. It’s amazing. And they still got the “normal” places too (kitchen, bathroom, floors, shelves, etc) too, all in 4 hours. Did they miss a few minor places, yes, but they more than made up for it with the thorough cleaning of the much harder to reach locations. I’ve scheduled them to come weekly and it is very reasonably priced I think. I am so psyched! I definitely recommend them! (FYI, I was also a little concerned that they would be a “large scale” cleaning service as their website is a bit intense/corporate feeling, but I came away from the experience feeling like my business was just as important to them as their bigger clients.)”

Jennifer 6th ave Park Slope (Brownstone Garden apartment)

“My husband and I have had years of disappointing cleaning services provided by large, impersonal companies that sent a different uninvested, underpaid person each time, or by people who seemed more interested in re-organizing our belongings than actually cleaning our home. Then, my husband found a flier for Green Environment Cleaning Corp. We were interested in green cleaning, so we visited the website, and found a description of service that was so detailed that it definitely gave us hope for a better experience. However, it was when I spoke to Jack on the phone about my previous unsatisfying cleaning experiences that I knew we had found someone who would take the cleaning of our home as seriously as we did. Jack was determined to break the cycle and to provide a service that we would be thoroughly happy with. The results far exceeded our expectations. First, Jack did a walk-through of our apartment to get a clear understanding of what we needed and to come up with a fair and reasonable price. He and his employee then proceeded to make our place cleaner than we even thought it could be, including eliminating a water stain in our bathtub that for six years we had assumed was permanent. And all of this was done using environmentally friendly cleaning products which the company provides. When the work couldn’t be done to Jack’s standards in the time originally allotted, he stayed an extra hour and a half, at no added charge, to make sure he accomplished what he had promised to do.

New York City has definitely needed someone like him, who not only knows how to make a home clean, but also loves doing it. We have already recommended Green Environment Cleaning Corp to everyone we know, and those who have used his service have had similar experiences to ours. It’s so refreshing to see the return of excellent customer service and attention to detail. We look forward to our future cleanings with GECC.”

Posner, Fort Green Brooklyn (Brownstone 2bdrm walk-up)
Middle School teacher

“Hi Everyone, A while ago I posted on here looking for a great, bonded and insured cleaning company or person. I am thrilled to share that I found someone, and if anyone is looking for cleaning services, I highly recommend this guy and his company. His name is Jack Thompson, and he got our place cleaner than it has ever been. The name of the company is Green Environment Cleaning Corporation, and here’s the link to the residential section of their website: http://greenenvironmentcleaningcorp.com/residential/

I told him that I planned to recommend him to everyone I knew, so just wanted to pass this info along.

Please let him know that we (Rachel and Jason) recommended him – he’s a great person and I really want him to know how much I support his company. (Also, there’s a chance you might score us a discount on future cleaning – quite a perk that would no doubt be passed along to you should you employ his services.”

Rachel, Ditmas Park Brooklyn (2 bdrm 1 bath apartment bldg)

“I usually don’t take the time to write testimonials, but this time I need to share my experience.
I moved in an apartment in Brooklyn that supposedly was”professionally cleaned” before my family and I moved in. When we got to the place, not only it was not cleaned by professionals, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for years. The bathroom tiles and toilet were covered in rust, dirt and who knows what else, the kitchen’s cabinet had an inch of grease on them (and on top), the appliances were so greasy you couldn’t even read the brand on them anymore. I quickly looked for a nicely rated cleaning company and I found GREEN ENVIRONMENT CLEANING CORP.
Jack answered my call in a second and came by for a cleaning assessment. He was as horrified as I was when he saw the mess. He saw  I have a six months old baby and squeezed my cleaning session later that day (5 to 8:30 pm) even though they were completely booked for days. He sent 3 of his best girls and they worked tirelessly  until every inch of my apartment was spotless. One of the girls (Iris) even took apart those old style floor heaters to take all the dust that was stuck in them. When she was done She said “this baby ain’t breathing any of that dust anymore!”. I have used many cleaning companies over the years, I never met such hardworking, polite, professional people. At the end of the job Jack came back to my apartment and inspected everything to make sure they did a great job. They truly saved my life.  Highly recommend.”

Margaret, Park Slope Brooklyn (3 story Townhouse)

“I contacted Jack after being referred by a friend, who said his team was top notch. After one call to Jack, he showed up that same day to give me a quote and tell me about his approach to the business. I was impressed and hired Green Cleaning for the initial deep clean. I wondered if Jack just gave a good sales pitch and if his team would show up and and be less enthusiastic, less professional. Not the case at all. Two agents came and were extremely pleasant, courteous, and attentive. At the end of the job, I could tell that they were impressed by and proud of their work, and I was too. I’ve been looking for a service that would a) provide a reasonable price b) deliver a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done (I already have a job, I didn’t want to manage a cleaning job too) c) and do a top-notch job of cleaning. This is it. I love the  agents’ pleasant and professional attitude, their thoroughness, and I am sure they’ll be dependable too.”

Suzanne, St.Marks ave Prospect Heights Brooklyn (4 story Brownstone walk-up)

“Hi Jack,
For years I had put off hiring someone to clean my Brooklyn apartment; I had heard too many tales from friends who had been disappointed with the service they’d gotten.

When my best friend announced that she had finally found the green cleaning service she’d always dreamed of, I knew I was finally ready to take the plunge. Jack and his team are consummate professionals: polite, respectful, intelligent, efficient, and eager to meet the specific needs of their individual clients. The service Jack and his team provided so far exceeded my expectations (the bathtub I assumed needed re-porcelin now looks like new; the nooks and crannies inside my radiator are dust-free; they stayed an extra two hours without charging me because Jack wanted to get the job done right) that I was quite literally stunned when they were finished. Jack aims to become irreplaceable by providing an individualized, high-quality service that’s hard to come by in this day and age–and hE succeeds. Give him a try – you won’t regret it!”

Rebekah, Fort Green Brooklyn (1 Bdrm Brownstone walk-up)

“Just before my second child was born, I wanted someone who could get my apartment sparkling clean in preparation of the new arrival. Not only did Jack & Betty do an absolutely fantastic cleaning job, they also helped me clean and reorganize my bookshelves and closets. Since then, Jack worked with me to provide continuing services that matches my schedule and budget! Every time they come, they arrive on time, work efficiently, and the quality of work has not diminished since their first visit – very professional. One less stress in my life! I highly recommend them.”

Elizabeth, Midwood Brooklyn. (7 story apartment bldg)