Understanding the privacy comfort and intimacy a home can bring is the very reason why we approach our residential division with such delicacy. Whether you chose to light or deep clean your most sacred place, choosing a trusted reliable residential cleaning company can be a task in itself. For one thing many residential cleaning companies advertise and offer the same services with almost zero differentiation leaving only price as their only form of negotiation – not quality of service as their most valuable product. I’m sure you’ve come to terms with this unfortunate reality. Perhaps we can provide a 3 step guide.

It‘s my belief that when it comes to services being performed at your home a trusted source that’s insured and bonded would be the first concern. It would be a good first indication that they are offering you a responsible operation – wouldn’t you agree? We at GECC take the protection and security of your valuables very seriously. Your assurance in every aspect of your home can’t be compromised. And why should it.

We at GECC understand what your primary concerns are and we aim to deliver. We understand that quality of service and professional communication is where the value truly lies. So thats what we offer without any reservations. We invite you to experience our warm expertise. While speedy cleaning and competitive discount pricing is essential and often the biggest promotion with most residential cleaning companies; We on the other hand focus on comfortability, professionalism & reliability. Discount pricing for one thing is long forgotten when unprofessionalism and dissatisfaction becomes the end result – not a good feeling I‘m sure you would agree. “Providing more value creating a safer environment” is our mantra. Because that is what your expecting.

Our uniform Maintenance Managers (housekeepers) are the most dependable respectable reliable staffers we have. ‘Reliability in fact is the new trust’. We train them that way and therefore we stand by them and so can you. Whether you would like “cleaning services“ to your House, Condominium, Townhouse, Loft or Apartment were quite confident you will be impressed & very satisfied upon completion. Afterall isn‘t that what your looking for. Any inquiries or requests for additional information call me direct at (347-832-1740) Or inquire about our services today. Copy and paste and put into your email browser to send us an email at:

Our products are Green Seal Certified!
Green Environment cleaning services are offered in the following locations:
Manhattan, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Queens, New York
Long Island, New York