This is one of our most attractive advantages. Our Company had to make a choice between providing a price as low as possible therefore offering it as a get by product (or) building quality into our service for your lasting benefit. We chose not to compete by price. There’s always going to be someone who will charge less because that’s where they compete – by price. We consciously went in an area where most fail – the arena of value – far more rewarding, requires more effort on our part but more sustainable for our customers over time. That’s what our brand represents. Therefore we remind and encourage all of our clients and prospects alike to continue to shop by value and reputation rather than price. If your a quality driven consumer that demands professionalism without compromise Green Environment Cleaning Corp is the obvious choice – because that’s where our merits lie. I once read, “Good things are not cheap and cheap things are seldom good” – they often have to be replaced or done over. Stick with quality, it’s often camouflaged with straight forward marketing without all the fluff. Besides the lowest price is immediately forgotten as it’s usually attached to poor communication poor customer service thus poor results – by default. You often get what you pay for. Our rates are fair and moderate based on value – not by comparison.


Residential cleaning is not a job (per se) but a service. We compete with ourselves with every job we do. While perfection is seldom reached – if ever – we certainly strive hard to come very close. Desiring to be the #1 privately owned cleaning company won’t come by happenstance – but by a very deliberate conscious process. Your satisfaction is of our greatest concern – bar none!


Green Environment Cleaning Corp. are taking steps to contribute to clean air advocacy thus minimizing toxins within your environment. We will like to encourage our clients and prospects alike to post any experiences, blogs, events, meetings, networks, websites or insightful information they would like to share with our readers that may be ‘Things to know’ supporting our efforts. Your contributing information and links provided can end up on our Facebook where many of our growing viewers read. Please provide your information to with a brief explanation as to its benefits.