Q: How do you know if your choosing the right company when hiring for post construction cleaning services?

A: SPECIALIZATION –  Visual proof can be a good indicator that they have expertise in this field of post construction cleaning. True professionals typically market themselves (openly) through their website and social media transparently exposing their talents in their respective field. For your added convenience here is a link to our Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GreenEnvironmentCleaningCorp . Its one of the many areas we showcase past & present samples of our work. The more seasoned service provider would also ask to preview the premises (almost from the inception) so they can visually see where your concerns lie – before giving you facts and figures. By way of experience we can say with authority (when it comes to post cleaning services) guesstimates and roundabouts presented to unsuspecting customers ranked highest for overall customer disappointment in the end. Remain vigilant. Look for a company reflecting signs of integrity, taking proactive procedures to protect your better interest rather than using ‘lowest price’ as their most attractive lure would probably beget you greater odds in locating the right company.

Q: What type of materials & solutions should a company use when cleaning your home for post construction dust?

A: Micro Cloths are the absolute best. It attracts and traps the dust better than any other material. When it comes to solutions, water is the safest. Its fragrant free blemish free protecting any glass, metallic, marble and granite or wood surfaces from staining. Protecting your surfaces are first and foremost. Our high grade green solutions can be used for sanitizing the bathrooms after contractors are officially complete.

Q: What can the customer do to ensure (lasting clean-air) once cleaning has been completed?

A: Regular maintenance (ex. housekeeping services). It has and will always be most recommended especially for those with busy schedules. You may request a copy of our Clean-Air Newsletter. Its recommended especially for families that may suffer from allergies, nasal congestion and asthma. Important information that can serve you well. Request here at: customerconcerns@greenenvironmentcleaningcorp.com.

Q: What can Green Environment Cleaning recommend we use to clean our wood floors to rid any lingering post dust that may appear weeks after the cleaning has been completed?

A: Hepa Vacuums with adjoining brush tool attachment! Its a detail cleaning tool designed for dust and particles that gets into the crevices and grain of matte finish floors, older dry wood floors and wood surfaces like furnishings, molding and wood paneled walls found often in townhouses and brownstones.

Q: Do we need to have our home cleaned twice – directly after renovation contractors are complete (aka post construction cleaning) and then after we move in our furnishings?

A: In most cases 9 in 10 no. If the right company performs the cleaning service correctly with a next day guarantee (as we do), you’ll be just fine. ASK about our Free Next Day Assurance Guarantee at: noobligation@greenenvironmentcleaningcorp.com. We’ll explain how it works and give you 5% off your final cost for taking the time to read this important information.

Q: My wife continues to cough days/weeks after the post cleaning was done. Yet we haven’t seen any residue dust after our cleaning. What extra can be done?

A: In most case we recommend you change *any air filters, built-in heater  a/c  filters or even examine your duct system if you have. Most often that’s where (out of site) post dust lies and can gain access back into your home.

Q: Can post construction dust attack our immune system triggering sinuses allergies asthma etc.?

A: Absolutely! Post construction dust is an environmental allergen. Choosing a company that’s knowledgeable about post construction and the health factors associated with it would give you an advantage. They can offer proven suggestions that can provide immediate results for your families well being. At Green Environment cleaning we did our homework so you don’t have to.


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