Every customer we serve deserves the very best in customer care customer communication and overall total customer satisfaction. We chose not to compromise any of the above. Its the reason why we put the right people in place to ensure the professionalism you would expect. Green Environment Cleaning has and continues to perfect the way we interact with our customers giving them a 5 star quality of service from the initial call to the completion of our services. Our customers gets the following:
BRAND NEW CLEANING SUPPLIES – All new micro-cloths are used to clean your home. We do not use washed reusable micro-cloths or used supplies from previous jobs – very typical of lower priced cleaning companies. We’re not just green in name but in every aspect of our operations.
When you request a deep cleaning of your home (especially when contractors are complete with recent renovations) our agents will go into your bathrooms and kitchens with high quality green certified solutions to remove dirt grimes mildew soap scum and even more important bacteria often left behind from who knows where. With Green Environment Cleaning rest assure you’ll be getting what you should expect. When it comes to your home where you your children and pets must reside its important the cleaning company values are equally aligned in delivering a service as if its their own home.  Choose a company that cuts no corners – the Green Environment cleaning way. Email us now for a no obligation quote at: noobligation@greenenvironmentcleaningcorp.com.  It may be the single best cleaning investment you’ll ever make.
When customers request deep cleaning their wood floors we don’t cut corners. In fact we use a high grade wood oil soap designed to replenish and revitalize your floors natural beauty. We don’t use over the counter purchases. We leave that space to the ‘Get By’ discount companies’. When customers are paying hard earned money for a professional service they are expecting the best in professional supplies. Wouldn’t you agree??? Our discount competitors will use the cheapest brand to minimize cost. No wonder why they can charge less. Customers want to save money yes but not at the expense of compromising the quality of their service. That’s how we look at it. Don’t you??? We opt to use the best.
Any vacuuming that’s needed including carpeting, deep clean vacuuming of dust in corners or post construction dust removal from surfaces walls window sills and frames floors baseboards and vents we use a commercial strength HEPA filtered vacuum. All customers receive new filters for their own residence (not half filled used filters coming from another apartment) – a very common money saving practice often done with lower priced cleaning services. 
Our agents are unified and family like. Generally they are recommended and chosen to join our family because they love to serve and give of themselves. They are vetted bonded and trained. They are paid above average norms (ranging from $15 up to $23/hr) depending on where their expertise lies. And performance incentives are a standard at Green Environment Cleaning. Because of the value and investment we put into our agents (aka service providers) surely thats the hidden ingredient for our 97% success rate. As a result the customers gets a sensational service delivered with integrity. We’re proud of our operations and would be honored to share them with you. See our agents on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/GreenEnvironmentCleaningCorp
The purpose of this information is to be completely transparent in our operations. No surprises. We want our customers to know internally we have their best interest at heart (bar none) by deliberately engineering a well thought out ‘proof of process’ operation geared to giving you what you rightfully deserve and should expect. As with any service being rendered ‘You get what you pay for’. At Green Environment Cleaning we don’t compete by price fortunately, we compete by what really matters like quality of service rendered (see our testimonials at http://greenenvironmentcleaningcorp.com/testimonials/testimonial-stories/, we compete by providing a vivid visual display of our workmanship (see our FB, Pinterest, Instagram). We have one of the most informative websites in our category of service with newsletter links addressing the most common concerns our prospects have presented to us. And last but not least the professionalism we display and how we handle customer concerns and challenges if and when they arrive. What better way to choose the right cleaning service provider especially when ‘Cleaning For Health’ is our focus – the first concern you have for you and your precious family.

For more information you may email us at noobligation@greenenvironmentcleaningcorp.comor call us direct at 917-548-5442. Mention you read this newsletter and get 10% off your very first quote.

General manager